Event Photography

A picture truly does capture a moment in time, preserving emotions and feelings forever. When it comes to events, you don’t have to rely only on video or digital images. Whilst they are potent in their own way, they are limited when it comes to conveying the uniqueness of the occasion.

Bring into the frame the Sanbi event photography service

We don’t only capture moments expertly but do so in a way that brings memories flooding back. It’s all about seeing the essence of the shot within the frame and preserving it. Covering events all over the UK, these include corporate and personal celebrations and occasions.

By capturing the life and soul of the situation with natural images, the result is a complete photographic record of what took place. This imagery can then be used for a host of different reasons, including commercial marketing and advertising material or personal albums.

All that you need

The Sanbi event photography service provides all that you need when it comes to on-site professional imagery. Whether we are present at a party, corporate function or some other special occasion, we will have it covered, unobtrusively. From small personal events through to the large corporate, we are able to cater for occasions of any size.

We don’t only take shots of the people present; our event photography is about much more than that. We capture the complete moment, taking into account the mood and atmosphere. We look at everything within reach of the camera such as décor, lighting, food, music and the true essence of the event. By doing so, we preserve forever the unique ambiance of the occasion.

Every moment in life is meaningful

When you choose the Sanbi event photography service, you will be in receipt of finished images that are as unique as you and your occasion. Every moment in life is meaningful and we keep it that way. Your special event is one of a kind, and we make sure that it is remembered that way.

Get in touch today to find out more about our event photography services. Talk to the team at Sanbi and see for yourself what we can do for you or your business.

Benefits of using drones for aerial videography and photography


We can typically have our system ready to film or take photos in under 15 minutes.


The average traditional manned helicopter consumes roughly 129 litres of fuel per hour. With our electrically powered helicopters we have Zero Carbon Exhaust Emissions!


We utilise GPS technology which has built in safety eg. If the radio signal is lost the drone will return to home.


Many of our clients would have paid 5 times as much to achieve the same shots with full-scale alternatives.