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How a Virtual Tour Can Benefit SMEs

How a Virtual Tour Can Benefit SMEs

​Although the words 'virtual tour' may seem like a futuristic concept, without much use to an SME, you're in for a pleasant surprise. A growing number of businesses are using virtual tours to benefit their prospects, customers and sometimes even their employees.

A virtual tour far surpasses what static photography can deliver. In fact, photography of that type can be very limiting and does not empower the viewer to get a clear understanding of anything beyond the corners of that image. They cannot envisage a space or the entire 'picture' from limited images.

Something you should know is that Facebook and Google are putting a lot of their focus on the development of online video. The virtual tour landscape is poised to rapidly expand. This is something that SMEs can use to their advantage in many ways. Here are some of the ways that virtual tours may be able to benefit your SME.

​​​​Use a Virtual Tour to Promote Your Premises

Virtual tours can be beneficial in several ways, depending on what your niche is. If you're looking for new employees, you can take them on a tour of your premises. You may also want to demonstrate your premises to prospective customers so that they can see your equipment or even where and how you manufacture your products in your factory. Property and real estate companies can provide tours of their properties. It truly is endless as to how a virtual tour of your premises can provide a beneficial promotional angle that can help you to reach your corporate goals.

Enable Prospects to See Your Product From Every Angle

If your business sells a product that prospects cannot easily touch, then it's vital that you allow them to see the product from every angle. They can truly get a feel for what you have to offer. A virtual tour of your product will allow them to inspect your product inch by inch and you can demonstrate controls or capture other important features on film.

Provide Education to Employees

Whether it's how to use a particular piece of equipment or another type of educational content, a virtual tour will deliver all the information that your employees need for them to confidently operate. This means that you'll optimise the chances of things going right and minimise what can go wrong.

Give Customers a Taste of Your Offering

If your business is related to events or tourism, then you'll already be aware that a virtual tour of your premises is essential to be able to be competitive with your peers. Your prospects can see around your venue or other tourism product, without needing to visit. It will provide the preliminary trust and credibility building that can lead to greater things.

Show Product Prototypes

We've gone past the days when you were required to pay out for a prototype of your product to be manufactured. Using our virtual tour or our 360 filming, you can provide detailed information about your product to potential buyers. This can save time and money and allow viewers to closely examine your product.

Walk-throughs of Engineering and Construction

Whether you're in the construction industry or you're the designer for somebody's new home, you can use virtual tours to communicate ideas and walk-throughs of what's available. This may also suit architects, sales and those who are working on large structures.

As you can see, virtual tours provide a powerful tool that can be employed in a number of ways by SMEs. How a virtual tour can benefit an SME is endless. Contact us today for a no obligation chat about your ideas and how we can help. 

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