Explore Nottingham University with a Virtual Tour

Sanbi creates a compelling interactive video exploration of a large university campus, so that prospective students can find out what it is really like to live and study there.


Nottingham University comprises three large campuses, where over 33,000 students study an­nually. The largest, University Park, covers over 330 acres. They wanted to have an immersive Virtual Tour video which would help potential students to visualise what it would be like to at­tend the University. They contracted Sanbi to create this 360° interactive video which has over 200 scenes, filmed all over the campus. The intention was to raise the profile of the university to potential students, including those from distant international locations who would find it difficult to attend an open day in person.

​What was the need?

Committing to a particular university is an important decision. Obviously, the correct course comes first, but there are many other factors. Location of the campus, facilities, the area of the UK, there are numerous other elements involved in a decision of this magnitude. Richard Berry, Head of UK Student Recruitment, says, "This Virtual Tour project allows poten­tial students to move around the University and explore immersively the key buildings, using the latest technology."

The Sanbi Expertise

Chosen competitively from three prospective bidders, Sanbi stood out for their professional­ism, enthusiasm, and determination to go the extra mile for their client. "I thought they were the best team for the project," says Richard. "They were very competitive about price and showed us some very good work they had done previously. There was very effective com­munication from them throughout." Sanbi was set-up in 2015, specialising in aerial photog­raphy with drones, but they have expanded into creating Virtual Tours, usually of single loca­tions, such as hotels, though the Nottingham University project was considerably larger in scale.

After an extensive recce of the location, the Sanbi team took 360° images of the 50 sites re­quired, using DSLR cameras, as well as aerial drone imaging, which was stitched together via software to create the entire Virtual Tour.

Challenges included getting the requisite permissions to fly drones over the campus. All Sanbi's drone operators are registered with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and have BNUC-S licences to op­erate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) safely and legally.

​The Results

Nottingham University is very pleased with the way the Virtual Tour shows the benefits of the university facilities. They are show­ing the video to focus groups and students, and there is a feed­back module. Richard expects that they might add more sections to the Virtual Tour as interest in the tour grows.

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I was really pleased with the professionalism of Sanbi,
they've done a very good job on the Virtual Tour.

Richard Berry,
Head of UK Student Recruitment, Nottingham University