What is a Virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of videos or still images. It may also use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text. It is a very utilised tool to provide customers with a snippet of experience they may have in the real world. This is a modern way of advertising and catching customers’ attention as well as keeping them on your site and sparking up their interest in your offer virtually.

Benefits and return on investment?

Full 360º virtual tours offer your web visitors an ability to look around your premises and have a pre-visit experience. As our Interactive tours are created with customer experience in mind, this is also boosting your web visitor retention and sales or bookings made via web tools. Virtual tours are proven to keep potential customers longer on your website allowing them to interact with your products or services with just a click of a mouse. With carefully selected music as well as interactive elements you can present all the USPs your company is proud of. Interactive tours are very cost effective advertising tool as well as new customer acquisition strategy. Virtual tours can be the persuasive decider between you and your competitors as customers can make a booking or decide on location with confidence of your business offering. There are many companies out there today still losing valuable sales by not taking full advantage of maximum use of internet marketing.

Why choose Sanbi?

Sanbi specialises in offering virtual & interactive virtual tours. We have excellent references from customers we have worked with. We work closely with our clients to ensure requirements are met and surpassed. We will help you to take your idea to a tuition. All skillset is in-house, and we do not outsource any of the work to other companies. Sanbi is keeping abreast of any new technology and utilises best tools available in the market to ensure outstanding quality for all virtual tours we offer. As a CAA approved company with Aerial Photography permission, we can provide not only a ground virtual tours but also expand to 360 sky views.

What to do next?

Please call or email us to discuss your requirements further. After understanding your business needs, we will be able to offer a no obligation quote for your upcoming project. There are many companies out there today still losing valuable sales by not taking full advantage of maximum use of internet marketing. A compelling use of virtual technology will keep visitors on your site, and will also keep them coming back.

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